Commercial & Corporate

Our office provides comprehensive service inrelation to commercial legal matters.


Our lawyers have exceptional expertise innegotiating, drafting and reviewing commercialagreements, such as sale-purchase, lease,distribution, joint-venture, loan, credit,assignment, construction, mortgage and thelike, including assessment of their legal andregulatory compliance, with provision ofcounsel on solutions for enhancing agreementsand coverage in the case of non-performanceof undertaken obligations, all in order tofacilitate client understanding of issues they arefacing in day-to-day operations.


With our counsel we assist our clients withdecision making in terms of expending theirbusinesses abroad or locally, with particularattention to tax and customs implications.


Law Office Atanasković I Božović provides abroad range of corporate legal services fordomestic and international companies.


Our team has significant experience in setting-up of new companies and in all aspects of theday-to-day operations comprising corporategovernance, such as voting rights andshareholders agreements, increase ordecrease of share capital using variousmethods (e.g. contribution in kind or in cash,debt to equity swap, etc.), legal compliance ofcorporate bodies with their authorizations andresponsibilities, management agreements andcodes of conduct, documents drafting includingduly registration and publication beforecompetent authorities and assessing legalrequirements and possibilities in terms ofliquidation and bankruptcy of companiesincluding guidance in respectable proceedings.


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Vuk Božović