Our office provides comprehensive service inrelation to commercial legal matters.


Our lawyers have exceptional expertise innegotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial agreements, such as sale-purchase, lease, distribution, joint-venture, loan, credit, assignment, construction, mortgage and the like, including assessment of their legal and regulatory compliance, with provision of counsel on solutions for enhancing agreements and coverage in the case of non-performance of undertaken obligations, all in order to facilitate client understanding of issues they are facing in day-to-day operations.


With our counsel we assist our clients with decision making in terms of expending their businesses abroad or locally, with particular attention to tax and customs implications.


Law Office Atanasković I Božović provides abroad range of corporate legal services for domestic and international companies.


Our team has significant experience in setting-up of new companies and in all aspects of the day-to-day operations comprising corporate governance, such as voting rights and shareholders agreements, increase or decrease of share capital using various methods (e.g. contribution in kind or in cash, debt to equity swap, etc.), legal compliance of corporate bodies with their authorizations and responsibilities, management agreements and codes of conduct, documents drafting including duly registration and publication before competent authorities and assessing legal requirements and possibilities in terms of liquidation and bankruptcy of companies including guidance in respectable proceedings.


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Having in mind existing trend of business digitalization and rapid development of new technologies, as well as that data have become the most important asset of the todays’ society, within Atanaskovic-Bozovic Law Office we have formed specialized department in charge of personal data protection matter.


In order to provide best service to our Clients, members of our team continuously follow domestic and European legal practice within the field of personal data protection. Services which we provide are mostly oriented to advising Clients regarding process of implementation of GDPR and local Law on personal data protection into everyday business activities.


Apart from this, our team provides regular presentations and workshops designed to help Client in appropriate understanding of this important matter and better internal organization of business in that respect.

The Atanasković I Božović office is particularly proud of the dispute resolution department. Since its inception, this team has been recognized, both domestically and internationally, as a top expert who approaches each client and subject in a dedicated and thorough manner.


Each case is analyzed in detail by partners and specially selected attorneys specializing in a particular subject matter and branch of law. After legal and factual analysis, our advice is directed primarily at avoiding disputes, that is, a peaceful and consensual solution, bearing in mind the specifics of the domestic judicial system.

However, if a peaceful solution is not possible, our team is highly qualified to represent the court, and with extensive experience and full understanding of local circumstances, we prepare and deliberately undertake morale with the aim of achieving effective and rapid results.

Our references are available upon request and below is an overview of the main areas where we provide services.

Recognition of foreign judgements and arbitral awards


Our office regularly assist clients to achieve recognition for foreign judgements and arbitral awards, as well as enforcement of the foreign claims before domestic courts.

Debt collection


Our team assist clients on debt collection matters regardless whether these relate to payment orders, promissory notes, enforcement proceedings, pledges or mortgages. Our office provides prompt, efficient, simple and cost-effective solutions so our clients can effectively collect their claims.

Employment disputes


One of the main specialization areas of our team is representation in disputes arising from employment and labor law in general, which includes unlawful dismissals, discrimination, as well as violation of the non-compete clause, severance pay and all other employment issues.

International and domestic commercial litigation


Our dispute resolution practice has extensive experience in commercial litigation before courts in Serbia and Montenegro. As our law firm advises on a wide range of industries, we represent clients in practically every kind of court litigation (commercial and civil litigation, contract and torts, banking and finance, securities and damages, intellectual property and patent law, consumer protection, government and corporate investigations, white collar etc.).

Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution


Our office is focused on providing clients with the most effective legal solutions. In many cases, mediation can save participants time and money while allowing them to resolve their difference samicably. Our lawyers are trained to find solutions and help clients to negotiate the way to reach an agreement. We advise parties so that they are aware of their rights and duties regarding the dispute they need to resolve.


Working closely with our clients we provide them complete legal support in their relations with employees.


By advising on all legal issues arising out of engagement of employees, from their recruitment, negotiating the terms of their engagement, structuring of working positions, deciding on their rights, assisting with layoffs and dismissals, and the like; we cover all the phases of employment.


Confident in our expertise, clients come to us with inquiries which range from resolving day-to-day employment matters, to prevention of the discrimination and harassment at the workplace, problems with unions, as well as international employment matters including international work permits and transfer of the employees.


Our team also has a vast experience in labor related dispute resolution.

Our attorneys possess extensive experience and provide comprehensive legal services in the field of foreigners’ rights, with the aim to find the best legal framework for regulating foreigners’ status related issues.


In this sense, we find the best legal solutions and provide complete legal support to companies, individuals and families in the process of obtaining residence permits, visas, permanent residences, citizenships, as well as working permits in Republic of Serbia.


We advise, prepare documentation and guide domestic and international companies through entire process of referral and employment of foreigners in Serbia, as well as referral of Serbian citizens to temporary work abroad, taking into account the short and long term needs of the client.


Finally, we provide legal services in the context of family reunification and studying in Republic of Serbia.

Atanasković & Božović law firm offers wide spectrum of legal solutions for individuals and companies in relation to all issues regarding intellectual property rights.

Our team, consisting of lawyers with perennial practical experience in this area, offers consultant and negotiating services in relation to transfer of copyright and licensing of industrial property rights, in a form of sole transfer, or as a part of a wider commercial transaction.

We offer our expertise and know-how in proceedings of registration, protection and implementation of IP rights in front of competent state authorities, organizations for collective administration of rights and other relevant bodies in Serbia and abroad, as well as representation in front of courts, arbitration bodies and special regulatory bodies in Serbia and abroad, in regard to IP rights disputes.

Our typical services  include:

Our team has extensive experience in M&A and Privatization related matters on both sell-side and buy-side of such transactions.


Over the years, our team gather the experience by both: (i) assisting the clients with setting up of their companies for sale – performing mock due diligences, preparing the data rooms, preparing the necessary documents, redrafting the incompliant documents, drafting the necessary transaction documents, and the like; and (ii) assisting the clients with the purchase of the target companies – performing due diligences, analyzing the target, participating in negotiations, transaction structuring, drafting the necessary transaction documents, participating in closings, and the like.


In some cases our work included simple M&A transactions, where the buyer intends to simply purchase the target without any previous reconstruction of business activities of such target, while in other cases our work also included the restructuring of current form of performing the business activities, finding alternative approaches and solutions, transferring of business activities into a new SPV, transfer of employees and assets, obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals, and the like.

Our PPP team provides full-scope services in the field of PPP projects, concessions and public procurements, from the early stages of preparing the projects, interpreting regulations and providing legal opinions, to preparing tender documentation and submissions, assisting in the private partner election process, representing the client in negotiations and discussions with the other party and finally drafting and concluding the appropriate agreements.


We participated in many PPP, concession and public procurement projects and procedures, as advisors of either public or private partner, including both domestic and foreign legal entities bearing the role of not only direct competitors but also contractors, subcontractors, consultants and financial entities participating in these projects.


As we dispose with the vast experience in this field, our experts are able to grasp, structure and appreciate the most complex of these projects from all the angles and consequently provide an extraordinary service to the client.