M & A

Our team has extensive experience in M&A and Privatization related matters on both sell-side and buy-side of such transactions.


Over the years, our team gather the experience by both: (i) assisting the clients with setting up of their companies for sale – performing mock due diligences, preparing the data rooms, preparing the necessary documents, redrafting the incompliant documents, drafting the necessary transaction documents, and the like; and (ii) assisting the clients with the purchase of the target companies – performing due diligences, analyzing the target, participating in negotiations, transaction structuring, drafting the necessary transaction documents, participating in closings, and the like.


In some cases our work included simple M&A transactions, where the buyer intends to simply purchase the target without any previous reconstruction of business activities of such target, while in other cases our work also included the restructuring of current form of performing the business activities, finding alternative approaches and solutions, transferring of business activities into a new SPV, transfer of employees and assets, obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals, and the like.